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Café au lait spots, or café au lait macules, are flat, pigmented birthmarks. The name café au lait is French for "coffee with milk" and refers to their light-brown color. They are also called "giraffe spots," or "coast of Maine spots," which refers to their jagged borders. The irregular borders of the café-au-lait spots in McCune-Albright syndrome are often compared to a map of the coast of Maine. By contrast, café-au-lait spots in other disorders have smooth borders, which are compared to the coast of California. Cafe au lait macule CALM. Large brown macule with irregular "coast of Maine" jagged borders in a girl with Albright syndrome.

Aug 30, 2017 · Treatment of a Coast of Maine Irregularly Bordered Café au Lait Macule on the Thigh Comparison of the pretreatment photograph A and the posttreatment photograph B shows excellent clearance after 3 treatments with a Q-switched 694-nm laser. Café au lait macules appear at birth or shortly thereafter and are typically irregularly bordered Coast of Maine and appear unilaterally after embryonic cell migration along the lines of Blaschko. Its classical presentation is a triad of CALMs, fibrous dysplasia of the bone, and precocious puberty, but over time, several endocrinopathies have also been recognized.

Cafe-au-lait spots are dark spots on the skin that look like birthmarks. Most children have the pigment from birth, and it almost never becomes more extensive. The pattern of the pigment distribution is unique, often starting or ending abruptly at the midline on the abdomen in front or at the spine in back. The lesion was café-au-lait colored and had well-defined irregular borders, like the coast on Maine, with sharp delineation on the midline fig.7. At the upper part of the macule a streak of normal-colored skin was apparent, and the borders were smoother, like the coast of California. Café au lait spot. This is a fairly large, irregular-edged "coast-of-Maine" variety lesion. It presents as a brownish, otherwise-asymptomatic macule/patch. The degree of pigmentation is fairly. Aug 09, 2017 · Cafe au lait spots are evenly colored round or oval patches that range in size from 2mm to 20 cm in diameter. They are permanent and may increase in size, number or darkness throughout childhood The spots may be flat or raised with distinct edges. The borders may be smooth or irregular. Coast of Maine Organic Wiscasset Blend Earthworm Castings is a rich blend of the digested soil left behind by earthworms. This process makes the nutrients in the soil more available to plants, as well as adding improved water retention. The castings are odorless and finely textured, making it easy to top dress houseplants.

Jan 22, 2018 · Overview Café au lait spots are a type of birthmark characterized by flat patches on the skin. They are light brown in color but can darken with sun. Café-au-lait macules CALMs are discrete, well circumscribed, round or oval, uniformly pigmented patches. Despite the analogy of the color to coffee with milk, the pigmentation varies from light to. Café-au-lait, also referred to as café-au-lait spots or café-au-lait macules, present as well-circumscribed, evenly pigmented macules and patches that range in size from 1 to 2 mm to greater than 20 cm in greatest diameter Fig. 1. In light-skinned persons, the color appears light brown, or “coffee with milk,” whereas in darker-skinned patients the color may appear as a medium to dark brown hue. McCune-Albright syndrome: This syndrome often has one large, asymmetric café au lait macule with irregular borders, which is often described as being like the "coast of Maine."The syndrome is.

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